Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I submit?

A: You can submit indie games for any platform (mobile, console, desktop). The "indie" part refers to you being either a sole game developer or as part of a small/medium game development studio that relies mainly on digital distribution of your game(s). Be sure to clearly (and honestly) label your game: FREE if the game is completely free with no type of monetization, FREEMIUM if you show ads or offer in-app purchases or PAID if the game requires upfront payment.

Q: What format should I submit the game news in?

A: Ideally this is what a great game submission looks like:

  • title with type of game mentioned before (i.e. [FREE]), followed by a short description (100 characters or so)
  • a short description on what the story behind the game/gameplay is, within the description field
  • a list (with list items) of its main features
  • what platform is the game for
  • any additional information a user might want to see (i.e. a video demo of the game in action)

Q: How do I know I'm indie?

A: 99% of indie game developers are not rich. So if you're a game developer that's not rich this most likely means you're indie :).

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