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Soccer Player Manager: Football manager game with real cash prizes, trophies and medals  soccerplayermanager.com

2015-02-21 14:13:41 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Soccer Player Manager is an unique Android game where you are both the manager and the player in your soccer club, the first and only such game which also give out real cash and real trophies/medals.

Those that like Championship Manager type of games will become addicted after playing Soccer Player Manager at least once. The unique point of this game is the integration of Manager Mode and Player Mode. This way, all users are actually Player Managers of their own Soccer clubs. The other addictive approach is the REAL CASH PRIZES, TROPHIES and MEDALS that transforms the game into a competitive e-sport.

Here's just a selection of other features that make Soccer Player Manager addictive:

  • The Player Mode and Manager Mode is integrated, meaning you can select yourself to be in the starting lineup or not. You can decide how much salary to pay yourself but if you overdo it, the club chairman and other players in your team will be angry!
  • Manage your club. Just as a real-world manager would do, you need to manage everything from your finances (otherwise you risk going bust) and sponsorship/player contracts to your stadium facilities that need investments in the long term.
  • Be social. Challenge your close ones to friendly matches to see who can get the most trophies and even rename all your players using your friends' names.
  • Fast and furious competitions with up to 6 match games per day (3 league games and 3 from cup competitions).
  • Realistic player attributes. As a manager, you have to tap into your footballing brain to grow the best team with the right players in the right positions.
  • Be the Player. As a player you get to manage your investments, sign sponsorship deals, train yourself to be a star player and even hire maids and butlers to free up time for your other activities.

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