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Gato: An endless-running game with Indiana Jones of cat-world  play.google.com

2015-02-23 20:12:39 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Gato is an endless running game with a cute protagonist: Johnson aka "El Gato MAGNIFICO!".

Our furry friend, Gato Johnson, is the equivalent of Indiana Jones for the feline world. He was obsessed with finding a jewel hidden on a far away jungle island. Little did he know that after finding the jewel in an abandoned temple dreadful guardians will try to catch him and get his PRECIOUS back! His only escape is running faster than them. Can you help him?

The fun features of Gato:

  • Simple Gameplay. Gato is in endless running mode with a pack of monkeys close behind him, all you have to do is tap whenever you see obstacles to have him dodge or jump over obstacles.
  • Coins-Galore. Along the way you can collect coins to boost up your points and have a higher score
  • Great 2D Graphics. The graphics resemble a cartoon world and are a perfect match for Gato’s jungle 2D adventure. 
  • Compete with friends. Getting caught by the monkeys is inevitable, so the goal in Gato is to beat your highest score and show off your friends you’re better than them at this game.

Gato is a game for those times when you have to wait (in line, at the doctor’s office, …) and you want a fun way to spend that time.

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