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Lunch Truck Tycoon Welcome to Lunch Island! Where the sun always shines, everything comes in perfect individual servings and the only meal served is, LUNCH!  play.google.com

2015-02-27 18:55:00 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Diggidy Net

How about becoming the mogul of a Lunch Island? This is what the Lunch Truck Tycoon is all about, trying to manage an island where the only meal served is lunch and everything is revolving around this.

Lunch Truck Tycoon is a turn based tycoon game, just that its theme is obviously lunch trucks. You get to expand by purchasing new trucks, upgrading everything, starting and participating in events and competitions and also travel to four different play locations.


  • Multiple Levels. The game currently has 55 Levels + End Game Content, so hours of fun if you're ready to start your lunch truck business.
  • Food Items. You can unlock new food items in every update. Currently there are 36 food items in total and each one sells best at a specific location.
  • Improve your Fleet. Your trucks are the most important asset so you must unlock truck improvements or buy new ones to continue staying in this business.
  • Events. The game has 36 Events/Quests that you can accomplish and receive bonuses. You can also participate in 18 different lunch truck competitions.
  • Different Locations. The game now features 6 different locations you can play in and continuously expanding. Look for clues along the way that will help you recognize these locations.

Video Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5AfRdzSnAA

The game is free on Google Play however it offers in-app purchases.

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