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Take your best shot with Target Shooter!  play.google.com

2014-08-20 23:25:48 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by John Vandaveer

Blast those targets! Just aim and shoot. 

Do you have the makings of a true sharpshooter? 

Shoot the targets with accuracy and speed. As targets get smaller, you'll be amply rewarded for hitting the marks with more points.

With over 17 levels of challenges, you'll be seeing cross-hairs for hours. Compete with players worldwide and see if you can snipe your way into the top-10 high score list. Aim your shot carefully, and don't hit the smiley faces. Miss more than three targets and your career as a marksman could be done for. Go ahead--take your best shot.

- Multiple TARGETS!- Bonus levels with unlimited ammunition.- Progress through more than 17 levels of target practice- Keep hitting the mark as the bulls-eyes get smaller- Test your marksmanship and hone your skills- Play on your phone or your tablet.

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