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PixelRun: infinite runner with a pixel-art retro design  play.google.com

2015-03-06 20:54:14 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

The gameplay in PixelRun is dead simple, focused on the action of avoiding deadly blocks while collecting golden coins with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest score. If you’ve played any old-school games you’ll recognize the same simple graphics and the KISS principle (keeping it simple, stupid).

Here are the features that make PixelRun a good choice for casual gaming:

  • Simple design. In terms of graphics this is a game for those that are nostalgic about the pixel-art design of Arcade games, as PixelRun excels in this.
  • Dead-simple gameplay. There are 3 lanes for your runner to move, simply tap left or right to go in that direction and avoid the grey blocks as they are show-stoppers.
  • High-score bragging. The goal is to obtain the highest possible score and brag about that to friends. Your score increases everytime you collect a golden coin.
  • Acoustic feedback. Simple sounds that give you feedback everytime you advance.

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