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Duke of Jukes: Can you score more touchdowns in a game than Al Bundy?  play.google.com

2015-03-12 20:12:13 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

In Duke of Jukes the player controls the white team member and must secure as many touchdowns as possible. However, he must avoid at all cost clashes with the black team members as it is game over.

Here are some of the features that make Duke of Jukes fun for those time-passing moments:

  • Run Forest, Run. The whole point in the game is to run as fast as possible from your side of the field to the EndZone and score a touchdown.
  • Beat your own score. The ultimate goal is to get the highest possible score before being (literally) tackled to death by your opponents, so collect as many Hypes as possible before touchdown.
  • Simple controls. You control the player via the touch screen, just a simple tap-and-hold and move your player around.
  • Background music. No silent stadium feeling in Duke of Jukes as there’s background music to accompany you through your successes.
  • Achievements & Leaderboards. Compete against your friends to see who can get the highest score and the most achievement badges.

Duke of Jukes is extremely simply designed as the purpose is to have fun not admire graphics.

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