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Project Tarvotan - A strategy/survival game that takes place in space, with a Science-Fiction based theme.   steamcommunity.com

2015-03-16 04:31:26 in PC games (Windows, Linux, ...) by Jeremy Davis

You are the captain of the SSC Tarvotan, a small scale exploration spacecraft created with bleeding edge technology. Our home solar system has fallen out of balance, and humanity’s only chance of surviving is on the SSC Tarvotan. In order to escape the ongoing dangers, you must search and balance resources to remain one step ahead of your ultimate demise. Planets are burning by the hour… can you escape the Milky Way to explore several other sectors of our universe? Can you survive until the end? 

Earn 'Materials' through-out each solar-sector to trade with other roaming ships throughout the universe. Make trades, purchase goods, manage relations, and cooperate with factions to improve your odds at survival. Balance your resources and time to give yourself the best chance to survive until the end. There are several sectors that will provide a challenge, each in a very different way. Start in the Milky Way, and work your way on through each sector and cheat death from the universe long enough to overcome the destructive circumstances that have been presented. Complete 'Quests' and manage your relationships with other factions and ships that roam the universe. Make important choices and decisions that lead you on to the next sector. Each and every solar sector provides a unique challenge and a unique set of characteristics. Adapt and survive long enough to discover the technology required to establish a future for humanity. Will you survive long enough to determine what your future will be? Which path will you choose? Time will only tell.

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