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Notebook Wars Saga: a thrilling shoot them up adventure in a kid’s notebook world  play.google.com

2015-04-02 19:52:15 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Notebook Wars Saga is a shot'em'up game that differentiates from other Arcades by using an amazing notebook scrolling design. The entire battlefield is a giant notebook and all the graphics are hand-drawn with a sketchy-art touch. The gameplay is very simple, just use your ship to shoot anything in sight and collect coins to upgrade your ship & weapons.

Here are the features that Notebook Wars Saga captivates you with:

  • Innovative Graphics Idea. The graphics unlike anything you’ve seen so far as it all happens in a kid’s notebook world. Ever game element is sketched using hand drawings so definitely a change from the usual games. 
  • Simple Gameplay. The ship you control will shoot automatically, all you have to do is tap and drag in the direction you want it to go. 
  • Multiple Levels. The game has 15 re-playable levels one more difficult than the previous, with tough boss fights every 5 levels. For each level you get up to 3 stars depending on how many enemies you kill, so the challenge is to get the maximum score.
  • Upgrades. There are 7 different war planes you can play with, each unlocked with an amount of coins. You can also upgrade your weapons as there are no less than 22 types available, one more powerful than the other
  • Share your Achievements. You can login with Google Play Services to unlock achievements and also share your score via Facebook to show your friends who’s the best shooter in the notebook world.

Notebook Wars Saga is available for free on Google Play. There's also a web version that had over 7 million game plays.

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