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Signum: A Simple Puzzle Game About Numbers  itunes.apple.com

2015-04-09 22:14:11 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Signum Puzzle

Signum is a FREE little puzzle game about adding and subtracting numbers.

The challenge is to find the right equation to given solution using displayed numbers and operations.Challenge yourself and your friends with basic math skills. It is not that simple as it seems. Start the adventure and discover interesting facts about a very special symbol commonly used in mathematics and science. 

Features (for when you feel groovy and in control):- play all challenge modes at the same time to get bonus points- play Random mode and figure out yourself how many numbers to use to solve the challenge- change numbers type between Natural and Integer numbers- reverse operation tiles (+ becomes - and the other way round)- complete all achievements and challenge your friends- score points and climb to the top of Signum leaderboard

Features (in a moment of doubt or feeling tired):- adjust the difficulty to your need by toggling challenges on or off- shake your device to reset the board and start over- listen to your own relaxing tunes in the background

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