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Floorless Fortress: stay alive and collect fruits in this challenging Arcade-style game  play.google.com

2015-04-25 13:22:25 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Floorless Fortress is an Arcade-style game that challenges the player to collect as many fruits as possible while avoiding traps. The goal in Floorless Fortress is to stay alive and exit each room of the fortress with as much fruits as you can collect or within a specific time.

Here are the features that make Floorless Fortress an appealing game for all age groups (with an emphasis on Arcade-nostalgics):

  • 72 levels. Initial level is quite easy to complete, but they get more challenging with time. Levels are part of multiple worlds and game modes, thus the game will remain addictive until its last stage.
  • 6 tricky traps. While moving around in each room you'll have to avoid falling through the missing floor tiles, being destroyed by laser-shooting statues, spiked to death and other tricky traps.
  • 3 game modes. There are three different game modes, one where the goal is to collect fruits, another where you have to leave the room as fast as you can and lastly one where you need to collect as many points as possible to make an high score.
  • 7 power-ups. While playing you will be rewarded with powerful power-ups that greatly change the gameplay into your advantage.
  • 3 control options. You can control the game in three different modes, depending on which one suits you better.

Floorless Fortress is challenging and fun in the same time, so if you're eager to improve your score you'll be able to come back later to each level and give it another try.

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