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ReRave® Plus uses patented gameplay to BEAT the SHIT out of Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero  rerave.com

2015-05-03 18:04:46 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

After 2 years of development ReRave® Plus is now available for Android. Using a patented gameplay design (patent US8858312), ReRave Plus revolutionizes the music game industry by allowing users to tap, hold and follow symbols in certain sequences designed INDIVIDUALLY for each song. This represents its edge over games such as Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero, since those games placed repetitive elements in the same area.

ReRave is also the FIRST game of this genre that rewards players for their timing as well as placement (touch) of the symbols in real time.

It has an innovative gameplay combining music, rhythm and touch accuracy. Players need to react quickly and press the music symbols as those rotate to the 12 o'clock while matching the beat of the music. The closest they press to 12 o'clock and to the center of the symbol, the higher the score.

Here is why players have been waiting since 2011 for an Android release:

  • Hours of FUN. ReRave has a great selection of songs and for each of those you can play up to 100 tap sequences based on the difficulty mode. You can enjoy it as a beginner or devour it as an expert music game player.
  • Excellent Music Selection. ReRave includes a wide variety of soundtracks with independent EDM, Dance and Club music of recent and past favorites released by top proven artists and independent labels from all over the world. List is constantly updated!
  • Global Ranking. What use to be great at something if you can't brag to your friends? ReRave allows you to connect via Facebook/Twitter to access the global ranking and compare your scores with your friends or other music aficionados.
  • Great History. ReRave is not new, we've introduced it first in 2011 and the popularity of the iOS/Arcade version helped us fine-tune and release the next big Android hit. If you're already a ReRave player, you'll be able to connect your account and get bonuses.

The game is available for free on Google Play and you can see it in action here.

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