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SHIFT: Real-life Hunger Games but without the drama  aug-games.com

2015-05-08 05:35:52 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

If you've played Catch as a child you must remember the thrills of "hunting" down other players. That meant actually living a game, not being a couch potato and shooting stuffed birds towards pigs. SHIFT brings back those childhood thrills. It is a location-based game, like Hunger Games (without killing) or Ingress (without looking dorky). In Shift you are either a Hunter, or an Escapee. The goal of the hunter is to catch the escapee in the real world, and the escapee's goal is to avoid being captured.

Here are some of Shift's features:

  • Intelligent Geosocial Engine. During the game players see only an approximate area where the opponents may be - to find the exact location they must engage physically to get closer. Real-time intelligence is offered to help opponents engage (i.e. "The hunter is on to you, you better run").
  • Automagic Matching. Each player has the option to use a real identity or stay anonymous. The game will match users automatically based on their locations and also set other game options (play zone, game duration).
  • Worldwide Availability. Shift is currently available in US, Canada, UK and Israel. When our IndieGoGo campaign is fully funded (20% funded in the first hours of launch) we'll start working on making it available in other countries.
  • Integrated Chat. Opponents can tease each others by sending text messages and even exchanging photos. The game ends when the hunter gets close enough to the escapee or time runs out and the escapee isn't caught yet.
  • Custom Games. Users can create their own private games and invite only their friends/family to play. This could be a great idea for a birthday party.

Shift is all about real-life interaction and is a great way to have fun while staying in shape. The game is available for free on Google Play, with more platforms on the works.

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