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Mech-A-Pult, the modernized launcher game on mobile!  play.google.com

2014-09-04 14:37:06 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Erik Smith

Mech-A-Pult is a Toss 'Em style game where you throw a junk-built robot named Spencer down an infinitely running path to help him become the ultimate junk robot! Who says a robot can't look pretty? Increase your score and make Spencer look absolutely ridiculous with his equipment that affects specific stats! Watch out for those pesky black holes, or wait. Maybe you do want to enter them. With just the flick of your finger, can you launch Spencer far enough to become the best robot launcher in the land?

Features: - 100% FREE! No microtransactions! - A robot and his robot dog! - Hilarious graphics and animations - RPG Elements (leveling, equipment, boosts) - Online leaderboards through Google Play - Achievements both off and online through Google Play - Everyplay gameplay recording! Record and share your runs to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email them, or upload them to MechAPult's Everyplay page!

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