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Guess the Animal: Over 200 different animals to guess in this fun quiz/trivia game  play.google.com

2015-06-24 07:04:37 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Guess the Animal is an entertaining and educational animal quiz game designed for all ages. It can be played by children that want to learn the different types of animals, by adults that want to test their animal trivia knowledge or even as a fun family game of guessing. With hundreds of animals ranging from small insects to large mammals, this game is designed to test the fauna knowledge while having fun.

Here are the features that make this the best animal quiz game in the market:

  • 200+ Animals. This is the most comprehensive animal quiz game, with over 200 different types of animals (and counting) to be guessed. From Arctic wolves to caterpillars, this game is a visual guide to the animal kingdom.
  • Helpful Tools. This game is difficult at times, since there are so many animals to guess. But don't worry, you have some tools at your disposal to help you advance. Skips let you go to the next animal to guess, Removes helps you keep only the letters that are used and Reveals will help you by filling in the correct letters.
  • Real Photos. All the animal photos are real thus this game is not only for entertainment purposes, but also serves as a knowledge tools for children (and adults, why not) that want to learn new animals.
  • Hi-Res Graphics. The game ambience is enhanced by a beautiful high resolution color theme that looks great on both tablets and phones.
  • Sounds. All throughout the game you are accompanied by sounds to get audio feedback for your actions and make this game more enjoyable.

Guess the Animal is available for free on Google Play and it has in-app purchases and occasionally displays ads.

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