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Be Red Cloud - The clash of indians. Experience the world of Native Americans, a brilliantly exciting amalgam of real 3D-simulation and an MMOG.   play.google.com

2015-06-26 06:29:02 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Roman Hoffmann

Red Cloud is a game that allows players to join Indian tribes, live & fight for survival in beautiful 3D environment.

The goal is to become a chief, to "Be Red Cloud!". For that you must join a tribe of American Natives, hunt for dangerous animals (Pumas or Grizzlies), gather resources and craft your own weaponry. On top of those tasks you must also challenge other worldwide players (in target practice, tracking, hunting) and rise in rank, all while enjoying beautiful 3D scenery. 

Here are the features that make Red Cloud a great choice for those looking to play historical-themed games:

  • 3D Graphics. You'll enjoy a three dimensional world as you scour the lands and take part in this MMOG of survival.
  • 3 Tribes. There are three different tribes you can join: Lakota Sioux, Comanche or Pawnee. No matter the tribe, the goal is the same of becoming a great chief.
  • Dynamic Environment. There are over 20 different animals that you can hunt for using one of the 100+ different weapons. As you gather resources, you'll be able to upgrade your weapons.
  • Missions. You can play 12 epic missions in your path to become an Indian or play in the 3 sandbox regions where you can simply roam and hunt for animals.
  • Multiplayer. This is also a true Clash of the Tribes as you can challenge other players to target practice, tracking or even hunting. And for a unique look you can customize your hero with over 130 different clothing types in style with those times.

"Red Cloud" is a game of strategy and character building, as you must become the best Indian this digital world has seen. The game is available for free on Google Play and due to its incredible graphics it requires at least 1Gb of ram.

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