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Book of Magic: Intellectually challenging puzzle game with over 200 levels  play.google.com

2015-06-29 15:08:44 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Book of Magic is inspired by a brilliant old game - Stone Age - just that the original idea was expanded and the result is a more challenging game. The idea in Book of Magic is to help a wizard discover a powerful book hid by ancient magicians in a maze. In every maze you must help the wizard go from block to block until he finds the exit and advances to the next level.

Here are the features that make Book of Magic a good choice for those that enjoy retro gameplay:

  • Hundreds of Levels. The game has 100 different levels with a "surprise" at the end. There are 100 more levels for Stone Age in a bonus part of the game.
  • Custom Soundtracks. Book of Magic features two custom soundtracks that will be played at the end of the levels.
  • Retro Graphics. Four different worlds with separate graphical themes give the game a retro touch.
  • Easy Gameplay. Game character and elements are moved by swiping in a particular direction, with configurable controls for left/right hand players.
  • Puzzle Elements. As levels progress you'll discover keys that open certain doors, teleporters, walk on breakable blocks and even unlock Undo's so that if you make a bad move you'll be able to continue playing without restarting the level.

Book of Magic is free for the first 10 levels and available on Google Play and has IAP.

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