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Run Robert Run: Infinite runner where you help a scarecrow avoid deadly monsters  play.google.com

2014-09-12 19:20:00 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Run Robert Run follows the adventures of Robert the scarecrow, a cute character helped by a crow in its quest to explore a beautiful enchanting world. The gameplay is very simple, you only have to tap to help Robert jump and avoid falling in abysses, being burned by fireballs or even monsters. Robert will keep running and his crow will help him fly as long as it has enough power (which can be upgraded).

Here are some of the features “Run Robert Run” will enchant you with:

  • Captivating graphics you discover while exploring an enchanting world filled with precipices, deadly fireballs and monsters
  • Simple gameplay, you only tap once to jump or tap and hold to fly using the help of a crow
  • Get bonuses after completing quests through the in-game achievement system
  • Share your best score and compare with others how far you helped Robert get to
  • Earn coins during the game and use those to upgrade your skills and improve your character

“Run Robert Run” is that type of game you can start playing immediately after you installed it, no need to read instructions, just pick it up and play. The game is available for $0.99 on Google Play.

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