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The Stupidest Game Ever: a 3D adventure through time, space, rational and irrational  play.google.com

2015-07-13 07:31:53 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

The Stupidest Game Ever is a 3D adventure through time, space, rational and irrational. This game is more ludicrous even than Goat Simulator, although not (yet) as popular.

What do an astronaut, a camel, a knight and an alien all have in common? Now you get why we picked this name for the game, it’s impossible to explain what it is about unless you try it yourself. The goal in the game is to try and answer the world’s most important question (we’ll let you think what that is) and for that you must travel into time to find the answer. The 3D adventure is amazing as you must go from battling knights to fighting fire-breathing tigers, aliens or scary monsters. All for the ultimate goal of finding the answer.

Here are the features that make this The Stupidest Game Ever:

  • 3D Graphics. When the game starts you immerse into a massive 3D world and explore the adventurous realms, half-reality, half-fantasy.
  • Necessary Violence. The game is rated violent for a reason, as you must fight against horrific creatures at times and blood spills everywhere.
  • Extraordinary Adventure. The goal is to find an answer to humanity’s most pressing question, and for that you must embark in an epic adventure.
  • Amazing Characters. The characters are surprising as you’ll encounter everything from strange alien forms to mythical creatures and domestic pets.
  • Fun Story. You’ll have dialogs with the characters you encounter in this 3D world and they’ll help you find clues for the final answer. Witty remarks are preponderant in these dialogs.

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