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Robin: Beautiful platform game with a hint of Super Mario  play.google.com

2015-07-17 12:47:26 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Robin is a fun platform game with a heroic outlaw theme and a grain of Super Mario gameplay.

Are you up for a heroic challenge? Then help Robin, a brave young boy with a Hood, collect the treasure he wants to share with others that have been unfortunate. In his quest Robin must jump over deadly obstacles and collect important coins while continuously running to achieve his goal.

Here are the features that make Robin a fun platform game:

  • Easy to Play. Robin is in a continuous hurry and playing the game is dead-easy, just tap on the screen to help him jump (long taps result in higher jumps). The goal is to avoid obstacles and gather as many coins as possible.
  • Power-ups. Throughout the game you will be able to use power-ups that help you overcome challenges (i.e. double jumps).
  • Eye-candy and "ear-candy". Graphics are a feast for the eyes and detail oriented, adding to the joyous mood the game instils. Robin is accompanied by cheerful music and relaxing background sounds as well.
  • Fun levels. The current version includes 8 levels grouped in a chapter, with a second chapter and more playable characters to follow soon. Even if playing the game is very easy, finishing the level requires a lot of practice as difficulty grows exponentially making the game frustratingly addictive.

SQ Inc

SQ Inc 2016-03-24T03:29:33+0000

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