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Monsters Fall - Help this cute monsters reach floor!  play.google.com

2015-07-18 17:49:00 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Luis Regis

The monsters are falling and they need your help!

They just want to reach floor to hide under our beds, our closets and other dark places; which is their preffered habitat.

Help these cute monsters to reach floor safely, they were born around the atmosphere and they are falling in ball form to the earth; they need your help to guide them through many obstacles until they reach floor.

Monsters Fall has the following features!24 Levels with 72 Stars5 Cute Monsters6 Different ItemsĀ 3 Platform Types4 Maps (Backgrounds)Integration with Google Play Games (History and Survival World Highscores, Achievements)Local HighscoresGreat MusicĀ 

This rapid roll like game will become your favorite soon, suitable for all ages! Happy Falling!

Luis Regis

Luis Regis 2015-07-18T17:49:36+0000

Amazing Game to kill some free time


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