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Simplest game ever - Buddy hands. A childhood famous game brought to play store now.   play.google.com

2015-07-23 09:36:50 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Stepin Solutions

Games we play as kids are the best, right? The famous game of guessing the Hand with the coin is here now to bring back childhood fun. Play it with your buddy, your phone. The game is natural and purely based on luck.

It is very simple to play. Just guess which hand has the coin and tap on hand!!! If you guess it right, you win a coin. If wrong, you lose one.

The fun starts with "Strikes". Strikes are continuous coins you win. You can guess it right once, twice, thrice .... how many times in a row? We challenge you, it is not going to be long strike. And if you feel you are the luckiest in the world, Try your luck now and let's see if you can be the WORLD'S LUCKIEST!!! 

# Tap > Strike > Gain coins > Have Fun and Be the luckiest.

Here are some features to please you.- Eye pleasing graphics.- Cool animations and background music to create the real feel.- Strong algorithm which we are sure, you will find challenging to beat.- Most continuous strikes is your best score.- Keep yourself updated with "Worlds Best Score" and that is what you are challenging. Beat it and we will showcase it on our social network feeds.- Share it with your friends, buddies and companions.- Rate the app interface from the app itself.

This game is completely free and we give you 15 free coins. For playing game you spend one coin and for every win you earn an extra coin. In case you loose all coins you can easily get coins with in app purchases or by watching video ads.

See you on our facebook page and twitter feeds, where we can start with our relationship we have started with "Buddy Hands".

# Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/BuddyHandsGame# Twitter Handle: @BuddyHandsGame

Don't forget to share your best Strikes on Twitter Handle. You can be the lucky one to win FREE coupon codes to bypass in-app purchase. :)




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