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Mammoth Gravity Battles: Turn-Based Strategy Game all about Gravity  mammothgravitybattles.com

2015-08-04 07:57:22 in Cross platform (PC, console, mobile,...) by Claudiu

Remember the old Arcade Gravity Wars? Or maybe the more recent WORMS ARMAGEDDON series?

Mammoth Gravity Battles fits within that style of turn-based strategy shoot-out games but pushes things even further by featuring fully three dimensional gravity. The idea is you'll control a ship and you must aim and shoot at other ships. The catch is that the game takes place in outer space; everything you shoot is influenced by the gravity of stars, planets, asteroids or other celestial objects as this trailer reveals.


  • Campaign Mode. There are over 60 different missions in single player mode that range from targeting asteroids/planets to defending convoys or destroying bases.
  • Multi-Player. If single player mode is all about campaigns, multi-player is all about battles. Up to 4 players take part in chaotic space battles, using one device, so this is a great way to settle a dispute with friends.
  • 2D or 3D Challenges. You can battle others either in a simpler 2D layout or in an insane 3D layout where you'd need the gravity calculation skills of a NASA scientist to hit targets.
  • Lots of Weapons & Battlefields. Each space battlefield is procedurally generated thus an infinite number of possibilities. You also have access to 16 different weapons, from classic cannons & rockets, to deadly frag grenades.
  • Interactive Environments. You can interact with the 3D environment by destroying planets or fragmenting asteroids to have the tactical advantage over your opponents.

Mammoth Gravity Battles is available on Google Play as a paid app. You can also play a web demo version here: Mammoth Gravity Battles Demo.

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