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Bounty Matics: Fast draw duels between the Good, the Bad and the Brainy  play.google.com

2015-08-05 10:24:11 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Math can be fun and Bounty Matics proves just that! You play as a bounty hunter that must win as many fast draw duels as possible to capture fugitives and collect bounty. What makes this game unique is the fact that you must solve simple Math problems to win a showdown. The player sees a revolver chamber with up to 6 bullets containing math problems. In the middle of the chamber you'll see instructions that tell you the type of operations to perform, challenging you to select the right bullet!

If you select the right bullet(s) you shoot and capture the fugitives, if you choose wrong then you get shot instead!

Sounds simple? Think again! Bounty Matics is more than solving math problems, it challenges players to figure out the trick behind every question, it challenges them to think.

Here are the features that make Bounty Matics a challenge for the brain and a feast for the eyes:

  • Brain Training Gameplay. The gameplay is very easy, understand the problem and select the right answer. You have to be quick though, your LIFE depends on it!
  • Fun Visuals. Set in the Wild West, the game features outlaws and Old West buildings that do a great job in immersing a player in the role of a bounty hunter!
  • Catchy Soundtrack. Bounty Matics comes with two original tracks that transport the player back into the Wild West.
  • Accessible but Challenging. Bounty Matics starts off easy but the challenges ramp up once you have proven yourself!

Bounty Matics makes math fun and is a fun brain-training game recommended for all ages! The game is free to play and does not contain any type of advertising whatsoever.

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