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"Jungle Warrior Assassin 3D""Be a contract killer and rescue the jungle castle in Jungle Warrior Assassin 3D"  play.google.com

2015-08-07 06:21:01 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Appricot Zain

Ever wondered how the world was when people used to actually live in jungles instead of living in the developed cities? When jungles were not just a site for deer hunting?Ever wondered how it would feel like to be in an age where ninja warrior assassins, samurai assassins, jungle castles, secret temples and their secret passages, jungle runs, ninja runs, treasure hunts and their monster legends and the consequent temple runs existed?Welcome to Jungle Warrior Assassin 3D!A gladiator game and one of the best jungle games and samurai games that would take you back in time where all your fantasies about jungle runs, temple runs, monster legends, monster strikes, samurai warriors, samurai sieges, ninja warrior assassins, ninja runs, secret temples, jungle castles, life among the wildlife, and all the other jungle manias will come true!Jungle Warrior Assassin 3D is a story about a savage contract killer who lives in harmony among a village where all the inhabitants live in peace, are farmers, deer hunters and diamond diggers who sell these diamonds to nearby villages and clans in order to earn their living. The contract assassin is a savage who started living among them when the villagers saved his life a few years ago, by winning a combat with invaders, and had signed an assassins creed to defend the villagers in case of any clash of clans.Out of the blue, a group of barbarians from a far off clan has arrived in your land and have started to attack the diamond diggers and other villagers and steal their treasures and have stormed the jungle castle. You are the contract killer who signed an assassin’s creed that binds you to take charge and rescue the villagers from these foreign barbarians, cool down this jungle heat and prevent a deadly clash of clans. Beware because rumors are in the air that claim the barbarians have samurai assassins among them who maybe placing a samurai siege around the village!Being a contract assassin, you are well equipped with heavy weapons and have to end this jungle mania finding your way through the wild towards the jungle castle, fighting off fierce lions and passing through wolf packs to find the barbarians and put an end to them in vicious combats!Download Jungle Warrior Assassin 3D now and add this amazing jungle run and jungle adventure game to your favorite battle games, gladiator games, samurai games, forest games, lion games, jungle games and assassin games!Key Features:-    Amazing 3D Jungle adventures!-    A step ahead of the lion games and deer hunting games-    Fights with wildlife and barbarians-    Living a life of a savage contract killer-    Marvelous UI with cut scenes and amazing storyline-    Awesome linear gameplay-    Real life sound effects

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