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Need for Feed: When Flappy Bird meets Need for Speed  play.google.com

2015-08-13 16:26:54 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Need for Feed is an action-packed skill based game unlike anything you've experienced so far. The game is focused on a cute bird that's always hungry but also very clumsy. Your goal is to help it eat as much food as possible without hitting deadly obstacles.

Need for Feed is very easy to pick up and play since you only swipe in the direction you want the bird to fly, but it is also frustratingly-addictive to master. Theoretically the game is endless but practically you will DIE a LOT while nonetheless having fun in the process.

Here are the main features responsible for the game's addiction:

  • Multiple Worlds. You play in 3 environments, from Frosty Castle to Thorny Forest or Volcano Cave. Each has its own obstacles (falling ice, fireballs, spiders) and are always unlocked so you don't need to finish one to start the other.
  • Easy Play, Insane Gameplay. You control the bird by swiping in the direction you want it to go. But the gameplay is so difficult you'll be a master if you obtain a score with double-digits. Not only you must avoid obstacles but you must also gather food placed in challenging locations.
  • Cute Graphics. Game features cute graphics and you can choose to play with one of the 15 birds available. Each can be unlocked by achieving a certain goal (i.e. eat a particular number of food, avoiding obstacles, even dying a lot)
  • Frenzy Mode. The goal is to gather as much food as possible. If you get it within a short timeframe bird enters a frenzy mode with food popping at a higher rate. The opposite of frenzy mode is starving which equals game over.
  • Competitive. You compete against yourself to beat your previous score, but you can also share your achievement with friends to see who's more skilled at feeding that clumsy bird.

With Need for Feed you have fun while testing your ability to react fast and avoid obstacles.

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