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Infinite Dive - A Falling Game  bit.ly

2015-08-20 01:57:30 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Stealthy Elephant

Trapped in a cave that seems to go on forever, you must survive everything that wants to kill you. You have no memory, no means of escape, and no idea who keeps beaming messages into your head. The only option, is to take the dive.

FREE on Android


- Play as a time-traveling, shapeshifter who must escape a never-ending cave to return to her wife.

- Dodge obstacles by transforming into mythological creatures.

- An in-depth story that mashes up ancient folklore, sci-fi, and surrealism.

- Hand-drawn graphics inspired by cave paintings and ancient art.

- Fast-paced, easy to learn gameplay.

- Unlock new creatures and discover artifacts to help you escape.

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