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Real Steal Racing Race with your Friends and Rivals and STEAL the RaceBuck from the wallet  play.google.com

2015-08-25 14:17:53 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Naveen Menon

Real Steal Racing is a 3D multi-player racing game that doesn't have any ads or in-app purchases, instead it uses an innovative way of advertising without affecting the user game experience.

In Real Steal Racing you must race against other real players in multi-player mode or challenge the AI in single-player mode. Once the race begins you must unlock achievements, collect coins and convert those to RaceBucks. If you play in multi-player mode you'll be able to steal other players' Racebucks and exchanging those you can get REAL products for free.

Here are the features that make Real Steal a great game for car race enthusiasts:

  • Single & Multiplayer. You can race against the AI if in single player mode or challenge your friends at a car race in multi-player mode. Beware though, other players will be able to steal your Racebucks.
  • No annoying ads or IAP. This game uses an innovative in-game ad displays that blend into the environment. The billboards encountered during the car race show real ads that are not intrusive.
  • 3D Graphics. Real Steal has stunning high-quality 3D graphics that make the race look realistic. Combined with excellent sound effects you'll have the feeling of a real car race.
  • Power-ups. During the game you'll pick-up various power-ups (i.e. nitros, ammos) that can help you win the race or achieve the in-game goals - the best part about achievements is that you'll obtain Racebucks for completing them.
  • Great Gameplay. You can use tilt or touch to manoeuvre your car on the tracks. Gameplay is focused on driving the car and attacking your opponents (i.e. shooting at them) to win the race.

Real Steal Racing doesn't have a time limit so the only rule is getting to the finish line first. With smooth physics simulations and excellent controls/handling, the game is a real steal in terms of race games.

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