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Zombie World Conquest: Zombie FPS game where you have to survive the walking dead  play.google.com

2014-09-16 08:51:48 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Zombie World Conquest is a zombie survival first-person shooter game. A deadly T-Virus infected a large part of the world creating a lot of zombies as a result. Your job as an agent is to save the world from the zombie infestation after a group of scientists started using them to conquest the World.

"Zombie World Conquest" is all about shooting zombies using one of the (many) guns from your arsenal. Once in a while you also encounter a boss to empty your ammo in. Here are the features that make this zombie game a recommendation for FPS fans:

  • True FPS survival game where hoards of zombies attack and you have to shoot them all using the weapon of your choice
  • Gather coins to purchase more powerful agents and more powerful weapons (plus ammo for those, hand grenades)
  • Upgrades for your character, weapons, Kevlar and everything else you would want to upgrade
  • Many missions to play in with various difficulty from simple levels to insane ones where you use night vision to kill ghost zombies and powerful bosses
  • Lots of achievements to reach (i.e. kill 1000000 zombies, that will take a while) and online leaderboard

"Zombie World Conquest" is an addictive FPS game for true shooting game fans. It is available for free on Google Play.

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