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Fireliner: Wild Space Battles with Arcade gameplay and awesome graphics  m.onelink.me

2015-09-10 15:08:37 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

The main goal in Fireliner: Wild Space Battle​ is to control the most powerful starship and defeat endless hoards of enemies. You’ll have a blast (literally) battling all the Universe to become the most feared ruler in space.

Want to start your own “Space, the final frontier” story? Here are some of its features making that possible:​ ​

  • True Arcade. You control an awesome starship that auto-fires and you must destroy every other ship in space. Coupled with amazing graphics, lots of state-of-the-art starships and fast-paced soundtrack the gameplay will captivate you. With hundreds of stages to play through, Fireliner is a blast!
  • Let there be WEAPONS! Fireliner lets you choose from a wide range of weapons and blasting methods that help you defeat enemies. From small weapons that make for a longer enjoyable battle, to fast blasting ones that destroy anything, you’ll have lots of weapon choices.
  • Party Mode. You can play Fireliner with your friends on Android TV. Simply connect up to 4 controllers and you will be able to play a space battle against your friends/family. There’s no PARTY like the ARCADE party!
  • Powerups. Collect good powerups during the fight to gain speed boosts, protect your starship or increase your weaponry but avoid the power-ups that make your ship slower. BEWARE, if you don’t pick the powerups your enemies will.
  • Endless Upgrades. Each amazing starship comes with different abilities. Thus you’ll have endless possibilities for upgrading your starship’s speed, security or weaponry. Just be sure to collect crystals as those are the in-game currency to use for upgrades.

Space is your battlefield, make it a blast! “Fireliner: Wild Space Battles” is available for free on Google Play.

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