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Enchanted Kingdom - You love Super Mario,Incredible Machine or Limbo? This game is for You! Step into the Enchanted Kingdom, be a hero by using your brain!  kck.st

2014-09-17 09:33:49 in Cross platform (PC, console, mobile,...) by Gábor Jakab

  • This is puzzle-platformer game, you should solve logical puzzles based on real physics
  • The game is inspired by Limbo, Incredible Machine, Lost Vikings, Super Mario, but the game-play will be different: this is story based game, mixing the puzzle elements with some agility based sections
  • This game is on Kickstarter now
  • Playable Demo is available, check out, give feedback if you want!

Story: Two children. One mysterious adventure. A cursed kingdom and an Evil Wizard. However, little boys don't have superpowers or weapons so he will have to use his brain instead of fighting and this won’t be an easy journey because the Enchanted Forest is filled with dangerous creatures loyal to the service of the Evil Wizard.

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