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50 Fat Balls  play.google.com

2014-09-22 08:41:17 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Pankaj Patil

Enjoy 50 Fat Balls on your single tap.

The goal of this game is to aim the target with Fat Balls by opening the gate. Earn points for all the balls you manage to aim. Depending on the target color, amount of points increases. If the ball misses the target, it disappears. When you lose all your balls, the game is over.

All the above fun and challenge with just one tap of your finger.

Colorful graphics with 8-bit sounds will please you with joyful environment.

Game features Global Leaderboard by Google Play Services to beat everyone's highscore.

If you love playing 100 Ballz you would like 50 Fat Balls.

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