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Year 0: Tactics!   tactics.legendary-games.com

2016-01-14 13:03:45 in Web games (unity player, flash, ...) by Edward Penna

Year 0 Tactics is a tactical combat wargame.


• Lead a vicious band of marauders in a post-apocalyptic tactical battle game.

• Build your base, upgrade your troops then raid and pillage other players for precious resources.

• All raids are real time against real people in a turn based war game.

• Set in the same universe as the ground breaking game Year 0 but this time you get to play the marauders that were ever a constant plague to the bunker dwellers.

• You'll need to manage those resources, plan out a strategy and fight hard to be able to survive.


Year 0: Tactics is an extremely fun game to play. Dominate your opposition by building powerful troops to go raid your enemies with!

The game itself is free to play, but it does have in-app purchases. You can purchase resources and credits to improve your base building and troop building.

There's a vast amount of people registered currently, making it easy to find an opponent.

Find out for yourself what makes this game so rewarding and fun, you won't be disappointed.

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