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Jaeger Strike: action-packed retro top-down space shooting mobile game reminding of the classic 1945  play.google.com

2014-10-06 05:48:21 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

In Jaeger Strike you pilot a ship through space while taking on missions and fight against dozens of different enemies (some with Jaegers). The game is reminiscent of the classic “1945” and features impressive backgrounds that immerse the player in the gameplay.

If you like retro space shooters these are some of the features that will captivate you in “Jaeger Strike”:

  • Action packed missions where you fight against powerful enemy Jaegers and challenge tough bosses
  • Stunning backgrounds with awesome 3d graphics and cool special effects
  • Accompanying custom soundtrack and great sound effects
  • Four control modes and three types of difficulty
  • Upgrade your weapons as you advance through the game and collect more in-app currency
  • Get honored by lots of medals when missions are completed (uses Google Play Services for highscores & achievements).

Jaeger Strike is a great choice if you like retro space-shooting games, you can see it in action on YouTube - the full version is $0.99 on Google Play but you can also try out the free version if you’re interested in the gameplay.

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