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Basky Ball----> "OMG!...I cannot beat my own score in Basky Ball....HOW?"  play.google.com

2016-02-22 09:09:05 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by BHANU PRAKASH C A

Basky Ball is free android game.


1.Basky ball is a simple arcade game where you have to master the game.2.you just have to control the ball to fall into the Hoop avoiding spikes and pipes.3.Players usually feel it as very easy game but while playing it feels the exat opposite.4.It is a simple gravity based game where you have to control the basket ball.5.If you are playing this game, then try to make a high score of 10 for the first few trials.6.If you feel its tough to get 10, then may be its time to disturb your friends by sharing the game and your high score.



1.Animating UI and good Graphics.2.Awesome gameplay(addictiveness is the key factor for this great art).3.Looks simple but tough to score.4.you have to master the Game.5.Sharing features.6.Play Game Services with Leader Board and Achievements integrated.7.Protect him(basket ball) from spikes Please.8.You will feel excited when you set new record.9.Achievements integrated with Medals like   COPPER medal for scoring 20,  SILVER medal for scoring 40,  GOLD medal for scoring 60,  PLATINUM medal for scoring 80,  IRIDIUM medal for scoring 100 and above.10.while playing the game,   infinite number of backgrounds on the wall will be presented(let us say fictitious living organisms inside the ocean as painted on the wall.)   

I HOPE YOU Will ENJOY...........

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