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Dot.Connect: Connect the dots but do not cross your own lines!  play.google.com

2016-02-23 22:42:26 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by DotConnect

Connect as many dots as you can in a way that will leave space for future lines. Your only enemies are time and yourself! If your lines take too much space, it will get harder to connect more dots. If you choose your path too carefully, you will run out of time!

-----------------------------ENJOY THE FUN OF DOT.CONNECT:• Plunge into a world of elegantly simple graphics and sounds• Collect gems to unlock and upgrade cool bonuses which will help you free up space and connect more dots:--> Explosives--> Lines Destroyers--> Score Multipliers--> Time Adders--> Gems• Improve your high score by unlocking upgrades:--> Bonus Frequency--> Bonus Limit--> Gem Multiplier--> Score Multiplier--> Timer Start• Unlock the Bonus tuning feature which allows you to manipulate how often each bonus appears! • Adjust bonus frequencies according to your strategy to maximize your score!• Compete against players around the world and compare your scores in global leaderboards.• Get gem rewards for new high scores, best gems and time records!• Unlock achievements to progress in the game and become the Dot.Connect Master!• Customize the game appearance by choosing your themes!-----------------------------Every game is unique and there are infinite ways to become a Dot.Connect master. Go ahead and try for yourself!

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