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Tooffers: A casual and super fun game  play.google.com

2016-03-04 19:27:45 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Monish h Vyas

Play "Tooffers", a super casual and fun loaded game from MAD Entertainment.

Connect similar Tooffers to pop them out and add into your score. The more you connect the more you score. Grab your device sit back and lose yourself in the world of Tooffers.

Challenge your own score and complete achievements. Earn as much Tooffers and spend them to buy power-ups, upgrades and themes.

How to PLAY:

- Connect similar Tooffers situated side by side.- Travel horizontal or vertical or both directions in one go.- Connect more than 5 Tooffers in one shot to earn missiles , 7 for Bombs and more to get extra moves.- More power-ups in game shop.


- FREE to play and will be for life.- Fun and addictive game play.- Two different modes with more coming in future.- Timed mode: Race against the clock to score as much as you can.- Moves mode: Play relaxed and build your strategy to pop as many Tooffers as you can.- Awesome Graphics- Beautiful Music and fun sound FX.- Different themes and Tooffers to chose from.- Earn power-ups by popping more tooffers and use them to sky rocket your numbers.- Instant Bonus after the game over to double the score you just earned.- Different achievements to mark your progress.

"Tooffers" is brought to by MAD Entertainment. 


Happy Gaming..!!MAD Entertainment

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