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[Steam Greenlight] Push For Emor - SciFi FPS RPG for Monitor & VR   pushforemor.com

2016-03-14 08:56:21 in PC games (Windows, Linux, ...) by Lupus Solus

Push For Emor

Push For Emor is SciFi FPS RPG with light RTS building elements thrown in for good measure. Fight your way across 11 planets, engage in space combat, disable enemy craft and board enemy wrecks and explore abandoned space stations. Defeat evil planet governors as you push towards planet Emor. 

Video and screenshots can be found on our Steam Greenlight page.  Please give us a thumbs up vote if you like what you see!


  • 5 Solar Systems.
  • 11 planets of varying tech levels (low, steampunk & cyberpunk).
  • Mission driven game-play (on planet and in space).
  • Planet & Space combat.
  • Disable enemy ships in space and board them.
  • Explore & fight through abandoned space stations.
  • Move between solar systems and planets via space warp gates.
  • Create mining facilities on resource gathering planets and defend them.
  • Fly/Drive a great selection of vehicles (if you can see it in game, you can get in it).
  • Works on both a Monitor and Virtual Reality Headsets.
  • Works with Oculus DK2.
  • Will support Oculus CV1 and Steam Vive (awaiting hardware).

Push For Emor has a link to the games Free alpha in the downloads section of the site

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