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Bad Trii - amazing, challenging game - how good is your reflex?  play.google.com

2016-03-17 06:02:18 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Bad Trii

Fly as high as you can – to infinity and Bad Trii! Challenge yourself.



Avoid the spikes and jump from one platform to another one. Or keep Trii in the air. Just don't lose him! Forget about infinity runner! This is endless flyer.


Full features:

- Bad Trii – the most amazing and incredible character ever designed

- Mysterious clouds – Life is like a cloud: you never know what you're gonna get

- Stolen rainbow from Irish Lepru… Lepracha… Leprenech… ???? – astonishing colors

- 28 Achievements from Google Play Games – can you unlock them all for Trii? You will received your EXP points

- 4 Leaderboards – Trii on Top – find out who is the best in playing with Bad Trii. Compete with your friends, parents, grandparents, golden fish


How to Play:

2 finger or 2 hands on 2 sides of the screen.

Tap as fast as you can!


Tame Bad Trii and reach infinity and beyond!


Website: badtrii.com

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