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Gravity Space Simulator Pro 3D  play.google.com

2016-03-18 18:15:00 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Krassimir Kondarev

Space Simulator Pro 3D is simple, but very addictive physics simulation of a gravity systems in space.

There is no goal, other than to have fun by playing around with suns, planets and meteors, observing the gravity forces between them and building up entire solar systems.

Live Wallpaper mode allows you to view and enjoy your saved solar systems as an interactive Live Wallpaper! What would you like to have more? 3D? Also available!!

Explore real gravitational patterns - right on your fingertips and in 3D! :)


Overview:* Build complete solar systems with sun, orbiting planets, moons, asteroids and even dust clouds.* Save your systems locally or publish them online.* Promote your own creations in the social media.* View saved solar systems from others and if you like it - you can save it locally and add it to your live wallpaper!* Unlimited simulation area! The gravitational interactions continue to work for all planets, no matter if currently displayed or not.* Live Wallpaper mode for even more fun! Use your own favorite systems as a beautiful and free Live Wallpaper.* 3D view of each and every system!* 3D perspective update via tilt.* Real physics simulation with pure gravitational interactions between the planets.* Precise N-body physics gravity algorithm!* Full help for each and every option available in the game.

Features:* Adjustable 3D view with perspective and configurable settings.* Beautiful real space backgrounds for both the Space Simulator and the Live Wallpaper. You can choose between no background, several real space wallpapers or choose your own background from your gallery.* Realistic planet collisions produce collision shatter or whole new planets.* Random or consecutive mode for the Live Wallpaper display.* Planet color, size and gravity depend on planet mass, several predefined planet types available.* Add whole dust cloud at once and observe the interactions between hundreds of randomly placed particles.* Add particles in orbit of existing planet.* Create one or more planetary rings with dust clouds.* Several options to remove particles: remove a single particle by selecting it, remove all particles at once or remove just the particles, that are not visible at the moment.* Zoom in and out, freely move the visible area as pleased.* Option to zoom to all planets, no matter where they are in space.* Option to center to the sun or planet with the largest mass.* Option to minimize planetary drifts, very useful for creating static systems, that do not drift away from the visible area.* Enable visible orbital traces for all planets and observe the amazing patterns build by the gravity forces.* Adjust the space system speed as you like it most.* Take a screenshot of the solar system and find it directly in your gallery.* Save and load of solar systems. Saved systems store all current settings (gravity strength, animation speed, orbital traces, 3D angle, etc.) and use them in the Live Wallpaper mode.* Now completely free for download and free to play.* Use the Advanced setting dialog to:** configure the gravity force strength** enable or disable vibration when planets collide** enable or disable visual collision flashes** enable or disable 3D textures for the planets** enable or disable 3D shadows for the planets** adjust dust cloud size** adjust Live Wallpaper update time - can be individually set for every saved solar system!** set real galaxy as Live Wallpaper background** set the hay how particles are launched - by sweeping in the launch direction, or by sweeping backwards in a "slingshot" like style.** configure preferred menus location - up or down.** turn on or off the background music* Pause the space simulation any time or resume from just where you were

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