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1to19: number puzzle game for Android  play.google.com

2014-08-05 05:15:04 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

In 1to19 the goal is to find pairs of identical digits or sequences of digits that summed up equal 10. Once you tap on two identical digits (or a sum of 10) those will be erased as long as they're on the same horizontal or vertical level with no other digits in between. You win when you clear all the digits in the current view.

Here are some features that make 1to19 a challenging numbers puzzle:

  • Classic play mode, where you have to clear all numbers from the current view in 50 moves or less
  • Endless play mode, you play to reach the highest score but die when there are no more moves left
  • Boosters help you advance faster by destroying entire rows of digits, single ones or square areas
  • Add new rows of digits to increase its difficulty, but when you reach the bottom of the screen it's game over
  • Simple interface and sound effects let you focus on the game itself

The game is currently available only for Android.

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