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Kids Toddler App Free (Basic studying for every children are NUMBERS and Alphabets)  play.google.com

2016-04-19 11:50:20 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Akshay aki

This is the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE educational tool for children (or even you probably) to learn English vocabulary by viewing images and listening to audios. NO BOOKS are needed. Kids Toddler Free invites preschool-aged children to listen and learn the ABCs in ways that enchant them.

With Kids Toddler Free app - Kids learn Colorful alphabet from A to Z Letters and colorful numbers also, your preschool-aged kids will learn the alphabet letter names and numbers, letter recognition and finding letters with objects. Kids don’t need to sort through complicated menus. Jump straight into the fun with just one tap with nice background and interactive sounds for actions.

Awesome way to learn the ABCs and 123s easily with unique music and animal for each letter. After spending some time learning the new words, your children will have some funny quizzes to revise the lesson: 4 photos will be displayed on the screen and kids just need to find the correct one. Learn the most common NUMBER words with clear and beautiful pictures.Download Kids Toddler Free and learn easily ABC and numbers 123 to kids quickly. Create interest to learn Alphabets for Toddlers / Kids / Children. Read simple words with Cartoon or Objects pictures helps to learn Alphabet and numbers faster with Colorful and sweet graphics.

To sum it up, Kids Toddler Free is about Kids ABC and 123 Numbers, the names of the letters, while Kids Toddler Free is about the sounds of the letters..

Features- Learn the most common NUMBER and Alphabet with clear and beautiful pictures- Blend sounds into words- Read simple words- Form simple words- Unique music and animal for each letter- Very Easy to operate- Totally offline application- Light weight & size application- Learning while playing- Available for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablet device!- Free no hidden charges after downloads.- Share with your friends.- Ads (only in one screen)

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