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Basement - a drug dealing strategy game  basement.halfbus.co

2014-10-23 19:43:31 in Cross platform (PC, console, mobile,...) by Alexander Degtyarev

Basement is a drug-dealing strategy/simulation game. You play as a great scientist that has been forced to do not exactly legal stuff underground, as nobody wants to support his idea. Basement drug game is all about management. You build your own enterprise producing several types of drugs. Find the right place, build production rooms, hire workers and security staff, avoid federals and raise the most effective company. 

The game starts in your own basement (duh). As you start the police won't have interest in your activities, since they try to catch the big fish. That's why you, as a small drug dealer, have the chance to grow out of your basement. As you expand you'll be able to sell for higher prices, hire lab workers (Breaking Bad type of workers) and grow from your basement business. However as you grow police will start noticing your activities so you must try to stay afloat and avoid imprisonment.


  • Room management. Show how great a strategist you are. Layout your basement space then build and launch production in rooms. 
  • Personal management. It’s hard to find good workers these days. Use all your savvy to find and hire the best people for your business! 
  • Lots of random events. As an entrepreneur, you should be ready for everything. Fire in production room, supply disruptions or even greedy bureaucrats - you should be ready for all this. 
  • Your own cars collection. Instead of getting stupid achievements for “one thousand kills”, you can build collection of awesome cars by performing some “orders”. 
  • Inspections. Sometimes you have to show others who is the boss. Fight with Government, or… try to bribe them. 
  • Prison. Punishment is inevitable. Because of the nature of your… work, you often going to “visit” this place. Be ready. 
  • The supreme goal. You start this company not just for “make money”. Thorough and slowly, step by step, make your way towards the supreme goal. And reach it despite all that stands in your path.

The game is currently available on Steam for about $10 and the sentiment is strongly positive towards it.

SQ Inc

SQ Inc 2016-03-24T02:27:58+0000

good job bro


Claude SG

Claude SG 2014-10-24T10:49:21+0000

You're going to get in trouble with the real Heisenberg question. Congrats on the game, looks wonderful.

Alexander Degtyarev

Alexander Degtyarev 2014-10-24T10:50:26+0000

I hope so) Thanks



SnoutUp 2014-10-23T23:05:28+0000

Looks like a game I could sink countless evenings in. Voted "Yes' on GreenLight. Best of luck with it!

Alexander Degtyarev

Alexander Degtyarev 2014-10-24T08:16:55+0000



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