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[FREEMIUM] Hop Rock: A rock throwing simulator with fairy-like graphics set in the Mushroom Kingdom  play.google.com

2014-10-24 07:16:08 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Hop Rock is a very simple but fun game about launching a rock as far as possible and setting up new records. But that's not all, your ball can bounce-off existing mushrooms, hit flying power-ups that increase your score and much more. It's one of those pick-up-and-play games that you play to prove your friends who is a better rock tosser.

Here are some of its features:

  • Very simple gameplay, tap and hold to aim the slingshot then release to throw the rock. Be careful though at the power slider that's moving quite fast, the more to the right it is the more powerful the toss.
  • Enchanting graphics that are appealing to kids and adults too (especially if you like the Mushroom Kingdom idea) with a fairy-like touch
  • Social bragging is a must, you can share your highest score with your friends via Facebook and see who is the best
  • In-game boosters such as the LeafPoint that will increase your score once you hit them
  • Collect meteors to upgrade your rock and improve its bounce rate, energy (in-game booster), reduce gravity to keep it longer in the air, increase number of mushrooms and the initial power of the slingshot.

Price: The game is free with in-app purchases. You can purchase powerups but no annoying upgrade requests. The average price for the power-ups is $1.5

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