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Genesis Augmented Reality - bring your Trading Cards to life, and battle on your smartphone before your eyes!  genesisar.com

2016-05-30 05:49:21 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by David Shaw

Imagine a game that combines the tradeability and collectability of traditional Trading Cards, with the social connectivity and powerful graphics of modern mobile gaming - welcome to Genesis AR!! Using Augmented Reality, our cards come to life right in front of you, melding analogue and digital gaming, and transforming the world of trading cards!

  • Collect your cards and build your deck of premium 0.5mm PVC trading cards
  • Trade with your friends, with advanced tracking algorithms syncing the physical cards and your online account
  • Learn the storyline and background of each character, to understand individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Download our free app to bring your cards to life, right before your eyes
  • Skin your characters to improve their features, or buy boosters and powerups for specific gameplay
  • Battle your friends in AR: lay your cards down, create a network game, and right in AR on your mobile devices!

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