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TankWars.io is a free-to-play MMO game that lets players take part in glorious tank battles!  TankWars.io

2016-07-10 12:39:36 in Web games (unity player, flash, ...) by James Allen

This game is currently in Alpha test mode.

Requires no download, no client. Play directly via your browser.


TankWars.io is a free-2-play MMO game that lets players take part in glorious tank battle modes.

Overcome your enemies with a wide range of powerups together with quick thinking and good use of the battlefield layout.



  • Game mode: King Death Match (current live mode)
  • Profiles and stats
  • Tank Customization via Editor
  • Many PowerUps
  • Chat directly with Friends
  • Friends List/Invites
  • Make a Party w/ friends
  • Private Chat w/ emojis
  • Public Chat
  • Chat Rooms

Upcoming features

  • Guides & Tutorials
  • Crews (Clans)
  • Groups
  • Ranks
  • Join a friends game
  • More Maps
  • More PowerUps
  • More Game Modes such as Team vs Team modes and more (Competitive mode!)
  • Different Tanks/Classes
  • Much more customization of all variations for the Tank Editor
  • Map Editor, vote user made maps into the game!

.... and more!


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