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Gnome Dash: Rise of the Trolls  gnomedash.com

2016-08-30 15:59:45 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Chris Goodwin

Run through the forest while smashing trolls, ride a mustached worm underground, fly high in the sky on the back of a friendly bee-like creature all the while searching the magical worlds to assemble SWIFT the cybernetic fox that will bring balance to the village of St. Relaxington.

  • Explore beautifully progressive, zany, and humorous magical worlds
  • Smash bad guys to earn points and engage Rainbow Fire Mode Invisibility
  • 20+ Original tasty songs (all played with real village instruments!)
  • Packed with hidden treasures, Easter eggs, and secret areas
  • Challenging mini games and intense bonus rounds (+ much more of course)

Imagine a really cool two year montage with cut scenes of drawing, coding, silly cartwheels, playing instruments, and giving solid thumbs ups. When the loud 80’s music dies down we are left with an intriguing magical story with 700 individual hand drawn images, written code equivalent to one and a half Harry Potter Books, 20+ original songs written and recorded with over 25 different instruments, and a very exhausted boy-man-game developer.Gnome Dash, the first game by Super Goodwin, was manifested with pure passion and comes with a guaranteed smile or you will receive a free hug courtesy of Chris Goodwin. Super Goodwin is the start of an Epic Adventure powered by enjoyment and the culmination of life experiences that is focused on creating as much happiness as possible. Changing the world one smile at a time.

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