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Forex Hero: Learn the basics and secrets of Forex trading in 3 days  play.google.com

2016-11-28 15:21:12 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

Forex Hero is a virtual trading game that not only helps you master the basics and secrets of trading, but also lets you have fun while learning with its Trend Predictor game & Quiz.

Forex Hero will save you from the boredom of dry theory, as you will be given real strategies & tricks that work. Its Trend Predictor game will help you understand currency pair movements that occurred in REAL situations and also see how your virtual portfolio would've evolved. To make things more challenging you'll be able to start time-limited quizzes that force you into deciding fast, just as in the real world of trading.

Here are some of the captivating features in Forex Hero:

  1. Interactive Learning. Master the basics and learn secrets in the illustrated Forex school section. With 12 chapters and several in-depth subjects, you will learn the principles of trading with an easy-to-understand illustrated eBook.
  2. Fun Knowledge Quiz. Once you "graduate" the school you should play the cool trivia quiz game. 10 questions that help you earn virtual $ with every correct answer. You have 10 seconds for each question and it’s a good way to strengthen your knowledge.
  3. Trend Predictor. This is the most popular section of the game. Users can unlock it after earning $200 of the virtual money. This is based on 100% real-world situations and you'll have to decide for each question what will happen with the price of the asset. Each answer will show in-depth analysis of how the market reacted and WHY.
  4. Best trading times & brokers. Analyze the golden times for trading with interactive graphics that show the best/worst days & hours for trading. You'll also be able to compare the top brokers and decide if it's time to start trading for real or not.
  5. Social leaderboards. Connect with Facebook to see how you compare with other traders. See who has the most money in the bank, who's got the biggest turnover and also your own virtual trading stats.

Forex Hero is available for free on Google Play and doesn't display ads and doesn’t yet require any in-app purchases.

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