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Dr. Sweet Tooth. Eat candy, crush roaches, and keep your crew from vomiting is this quirky puzzle game!   bit.ly

2014-11-02 03:13:03 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by ZebraFox Games

Lead a group of competitive eaters as they crush and crunch and chomp their way to victory against the jaded dentist, Dr. Sweet Tooth and his diabolical new buddy, King Roach. Eat through candy, crush roaches and keep eaters from vomiting. Make your way through increasingly challenging levels, crushing tiles with chomping eaters, and squashing tiles before they spoil to keep them from becoming infested with roaches, all while using strategy and quick reflexes. Satisfy your craving for casual fun alone, or play this fun saga with friends in Endless mode and compare high scores!

Dr. Sweet Tooth stands out as the black sheep in the puzzle game family--in the best way possible. Dr. Sweet Tooth is a game of sweets and disgust, with cookies, gummies, peppermints, and roaches. Eaters have a chance to vomit when confronted with a rotting square or a roach. King roaches are strong and must be swatted as crushing them with your finger is no longer enough, so keep a tidy game board. Remember a clean space keeps the king roaches away. With its unique rotting tiles, vomit, crush-able roaches, un-crush-able king roaches, and candy chomping eaters, Dr. Sweet Tooth is sure to stand out and yet be just as fun as the bigger name games.

Reviews, comments, and ratings are always welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for playing!

Dr. Sweet Tooth Features:

  • ¬†Easy and fun to play, difficult to master
  • Crisp, clean graphics and smooth game play
  • Several increasingly challenging levels to satisfy your appetite for fun
  • Mold, crush-able roaches, vomit, and even a royal king roach to make your skin crawl
  • A humorous, lighthearted story about a dentist with a sweet tooth, giant royal cockroaches, and a band of hungry competitive eaters.
  • Yummy candy, cookie, donut, and chocolate graphics that will leave you hungry for more
  • Help screen and short tutorial
  • Cute characters and beautiful details
  • Fun sounds and music to immerse you in the square world (Sorry, no square dancing)
  • Complete story mode to unlock the nonstop fun of Endless mode

ZebraFox Games

ZebraFox Games 2014-11-02T05:46:43+0000

Thank you for playing! It does have a gross factor that appeals to certain people. Think of it as a reason not to lose. question


Kelsey Smith

Kelsey Smith 2014-11-02T03:39:57+0000

Gross, but fun so far! Great effort!


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