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WonderFish: Help a lovely clownfish save his wife from a dreadful abyssal creature  wonderfish.zausan.com

2014-11-02 11:13:30 in Mobile games (Android, iOS, ...) by Claudiu

WonderFish was a lovely clownfish that had a beautiful wife, BlackyFinn. But an evil abyssal creature kidnapped her and now he must get her back. Our hero must find the bravery to rescue Blackyfinn in a journey full of dangers across open seas, through dark caves, at the frozen Arctic and in the deep abyss.... “WonderFish” is an amusing arcade game for users of all ages, with beautiful aquatic graphics and a very simple gameplay. 

Here’s what makes “WonderFish” a truly entertaining game for kids and adults alike:

  • Beautiful HD graphics with realistic 3D aquatic creatures (crabs, different fish species, whales, …)
  • Very simple gameplay, tap on the right side for WonderFish to go up, on the left side to go down 
  • 20 levels that increase in difficulty and all have a different scenario with new obstacles and enemies
  • Achievements via Google Play Services to share how skilful you are at Wonderfish with your friends
  • In-game shop to purchase powerups for your hero fish and even update his look
  • Custom soundtrack and fun action sounds accompany the player in his quest to help Wonderfish recover his love

“WonderFish” is truly entertaining for all ages, the best part is you can get the game for free from Google Play and you can also see it in action on YouTube.

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